From Legacy Reporting To Modern Business Intelligence

With Oracle announcing the sunset of their legacy reporting tools (Discoverer, Oracle Reports, Hyperion IR), migration to Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) is an effort that should be a high priority on your list. At Arisant, we recognize that typical organizations have made significant investments over the years to develop reporting solutions based on these platforms. Our goal is to help our customers reuse as much of that investment as possible while taking the full advantage of OBIEE’s advanced features.

Migration projects are complex; they involve technology and architecture decisions, emotions and politics (e.g. people who don’t like change and resist adopting a new platform), scope creep and other forces that cannot be easily controlled. Arisant can help you navigate the complex world of migrating legacy reporting platforms to OBIEE; we not only understand the technology pieces but we are well prepared to help you address the various non-technological challenges.

Arisant works with you to craft out a roadmap and a migration plan. We will create a complete inventory of all current reports and the user community as well as the usage patterns for each reporting area. Even though the migration is not meant to be a re-write of your reporting solution, we take advantage of this opportunity to remove obsolete reports and re-architect other reports to make them more usable, improve their performance or introduce functional changes to make existing reports available to a broader audience. Since OBIEE is an enterprise class Business Intelligence tool with a multitude of features not available in legacy reporting tools, we also ensure that we introduce some of these features on a case by case basis. Bottom line, we make sure you get the most out of your investment. In addition, we address the security aspect of the solution, a component typically neglected at the early stages of the migration process.


A Different Way of Thinking About Business Intelligence

It’s not just about converting from one technology to another; at Arisant we view these migration efforts as a means of introducing a different way of looking at Business Intelligence. Traditionally, most organizations have siloed reporting solutions that are used by a few users and leverage historical data to look at reporting results using a fragmented view of the organization. Our goal is not only to migrate your legacy reporting infrastructure to OBIEE but also to get you to start thinking along these lines: