Content Management

Knowledge management at an enterprise level

Arisant leverages the Oracle® Universal Content Management platform to help you manage one of your company’s best assets — the entire spectrum of unstructured content, from documents, graphics, and web pages, to images, e-mail, and records.

This solution helps you capture, secure, share, and distribute digital and paper-based content while eliminating lost documents, duplicated data, security problems, and version control issues. Advanced indexing and search features help you unearth valuable information buried in documents; the collaboration functionality enables you to share this information with the right audience. The end result is a dramatic cost savings, and improved operational efficiencies.

Key Benefits

  • Includes a complete spectrum of content management features and functionality, such as document management, records management, digital asset management, web content management, and collaboration.
  • Works with common desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office.
  • Distributes content ownership and Web publishing responsibilities to business users through workflow automation.
  • Makes content easier to find, access, and reuse.
  • Controls the entire content lifecycle (i.e. retention, archiving, purging.)
  • Adheres to compliance and government regulations.
  • Reduces costs for shipping, printing, and storage of documents.

Key Components

Document Management

Document Management uses the Oracle Content Server and supports all types of document content ranging from e-mail, discussions, documents, reports, spreadsheets, records, images, multimedia, and other digital formats. Oracle Content Server supports core document and content management functions including storage, sharing, content security, versioning, attribution, and document lifecycle management.

Web Content Management

This is a suite of powerful tools that allows you to pull content from a document management repository and use it to create web output. Translation templates automatically convert content to HTML web pages without altering the source files.

Digital Assest Management

The Digital Asset Manager enables you to define and store valuable images such as company logos as well as videos in specified, approved formats and sizes, and make them available to authorized users. This helps your organization maintain consistent standards for branding and digital content use.

Records Management

The Records Manager allows you to manage content lifecycle including retention schedules, archiving, and disposition rules. This empowers your organization to schedule lifecycles for content, eliminate outdated or superseded information, and comply with legal audits and industry regulations.

Why Arisant?

Arisant has extensive experience in building and deploying complex, large-scale Content Management solutions for a variety of customers and industries. Arisant combines deep understanding in the Oracle Content Management products with the ability to capture business requirements that reflect your needs, track development progress against a clearly defined, realistic project plan, and deliver a custom solution in a timely and cost effective manner.