Custom Development

Arisant has been helping customers develop custom, enterprise scale J2EE and SOA based business applications for several years. With experienced consultants in Oracle’s SOA Suite and Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF) as well as other J2EE based platforms, Arisant is well positioned to be your  partner of choice. We use an agile software development methodology that allows us to produce results in a matter of days to weeks and have the experience to bring success to time-critical projects.

Arisant has also designed its own award winning J2EE platform, oBno. oBno is delivered through integration with the Eclipse IDE and it is used by several of our customers to shorten their  development life cycle and create enterprise quality applications. Arisant leverages oBno for its own product development purposes as well.

Arisant’s custom development services include:

  • Project Management services
  • Rapid Prototyping services
  • Custom J2EE based applications including modern, lightweight BUIs (Browser based interfaces)
  • Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Legacy Systems Modernization
  • Web Service, Service Bus, BPEL