Justifying your technology investment just got easier

Try and Buy Programs are designed by Arisant to address the typical questions and challenges faced by IT Departments related to new software and hardware acquisitions required to accommodate business and technical requirements, growth, SLAs and customer satisfaction:

  • How do I safely ensure that the proposed solution is the right one?
  • How do I fit all business requirements and IT needs in my budget?
  • Will my technology selections scale and accommodate future business needs?
  • How do I ensure that the chosen technology will continue to perform in accordance to Service Level Agreements?

Arisant uses a well defined methodology which allows you to capture clearly defined requirements, Use Cases and success criteria. Our consultants then build out several configurations in controlled environments that are used to simulate various test cases that address functionality, technical requirements, performance, DR requirements, SLAs, etc). Results of these test cases are then captured and evaluated together with you and compiled into Executive Briefing documents that are presented to management and used in the final evaluation and ranking of the proposed solution.