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Arisant Solutions for Oracle® Real Application Clusters (RAC)

Evaluate, create and support your RAC environment

Arisant offers three Oracle® RAC solutions to help create, build and/or support your RAC infrastructure.

RAC Pre-Check

Evaluate your Existing Environment for RAC Readiness

The purpose of a RAC Pre-Check is to determine whether your existing environment is suited for Oracle RAC. It can answer questions such as:

  • Will your application scale using RAC?
  • Will your application take advantage of RAC failover features?

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RAC Blueprint

Create your RAC Solution

The purpose of a RAC Blueprint is to provide a RAC solution from the ground up. A RAC Blueprint solution can help with the following:

  • Hardware, OS, storage, and networking recommendations.
  • Assistance with RAC licensing.
  • Sizing of your database.
  • Understanding how growth will affect your RAC implementation.

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RAC Installation (with Support Option)

Install & Support your RAC Implementation

When you're ready to implement RAC, Arisant offers RAC Installation services. RAC Installation services include:

  • Moving your current database to a new RAC environment and verifying its functionality.
  • Verifying recoverability from your backup media, and testing your backup and recovery procedures.
  • Verifying RAC load balancing and failover functionality.

Optional RAC Support services may be added to a RAC Installation solution. RAC Support services include:

  • Tuning your RAC environment as your database and business grows.
  • DBA support for your RAC environment.

(RAC Support services provided through Remote DBA and Supplemental DBA Services.)

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