Arisant Summer Cookout – June 2019

After a strong start to the year and an even stronger 2nd quarter (4th quarter in Oracle’s book,) it was time for the Arisant team to kick back and take an afternoon off as a reward for all of the hard work. Following a (not so) quick trip to Costco to pick up the makings of a Summer Cookout, we were off to John Derry Park with a bag of charcoal and enough food to feed an army.

Within 30 minutes, the coals were glowing orange, brats were boiling in beer, and patties were sizzling on the grill. By 4:00PM the Arisant team started to trickle in, glad to be away from their computer screens and hungry for the food that was already cooking. Nothing could stop us now!

The next thing we knew, we were all huddled under the pavilion as thunder and lightning surrounded the park. Rain started to fall and the team grew concerned about the fate of our cookout. Then, as fast as the storm blew in, it disappeared. In true Colorado fashion, the sky cleared up and we were back out and enjoying our cookout. As Greg, Andreas, Niklas, and myself took turns manning the grill, the team mingled and tried their best not to talk about work.

Overall, the cookout was a huge success and a little rain didn’t hurt anybody. The team was happy to be rewarded for their hard work and glad to get away from their computers, even just for a few hours. This may have been the first ever Arisant Summer Cookout, but I expect this to be a tradition that carries on for years to come. Below are a few pictures from the gathering.

Arisant is Hiring

Arisant is hiring for multiple open positions. If you are looking advance your career in the IT industry and want to join us at our next cookout, please go to or email your resume to . Arisant offers excellent compensation and benefits for our team members to include health, dental, vision, PTO, 401K and more.

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