3 Ways to Set Up Your IT Team for Success

Celebrating businesswoman on laptopDo you have to be a giant enterprise to really get value from a managed services provider? Absolutely not. Managed services isn’t about the size of your organization. Instead, it’s a way to solve your IT problems with flexibility and creativity, regardless of your business size.

We’ve helped business of all sizes solve a multitude of problems. Here are three problems we often encounter at companies and our approach to solving them.

1. Provide your team with 24x7x365 support and free up your staff.

Are your IT administrators working around the clock, day in and day out? Are they asking for extra staff to handle the high workload? They might be spending most of their time trying to solve a significant underlying problem (e.g., lack of service level agreements) or trying to implement a new system (e.g., a system that provides real-time business intelligence). But more likely, they’re spending a lot of their time dealing with routine maintenance and support tasks, such as installing patches, upgrading applications, and backing up data instead of tackling the bigger-picture solutions your business needs.

Arisant Managed Services experts have multiple areas of expertise, so they can perform in-depth assessments of your entire IT infrastructure. If your IT administrators are spending all their time with routine maintenance and support tasks, our experts can supplement the onsite IT team wherever needed. For example, they can:

  • Proactively review patches and potential upgrades for problems, then perform hassle-free upgrades
  • Provide performance tuning of systems at all levels in the IT environment
  • Provide support services 24x7x365

And if your IT staff is struggling with implementing a new system or solving an underlying problem, we can help with that, too. Our experts can provide the technical knowledge and skills required to get the job done.

2. Improve your applications’ performance so customers are happy.

Are your applications running so slowly that customers are turning to your competitors to get the products or services they need, therefore hurting your bottom line? Are your employees forced to use their own personal computing devices or unauthorized web applications at work to get their jobs done, putting the security of your IT infrastructure and data at risk?

Arisant Managed Services experts can perform an in-depth assessment of your entire IT infrastructure, including your applications and their databases, to find out the root causes of the applications’ slow performance. After they help your IT staff fix the root problems, they can help with sizing and capacity forecasting and ongoing performance tuning to keep your applications running at optimal speed.

When you have a partner keeping an eye on your applications and the infrastructure behind them, your customers and employees will be thrilled with the quality of your services. They’ll be happy to find that you’ve increased bandwidth, made resources more easily accessible, and improved transaction throughput.

3. Ensure accurate information is being provided from your reporting solution to help you make good decisions.

Is your reporting inaccurate or irrelevant because you don’t have the tools and processes necessary to turn your company’s raw data into business intelligence? Is the lack of accurate, relevant business intelligence causing you to miss important business opportunities that would have brought in more revenue or helped your company gain a competitive advantage?

Building and implementing a business intelligence solution isn’t easy. The solution needs to gather raw data from disparate systems, clean up and store that data, turn it into meaningful information through data mining and different types of analyses, and make this information available to key business decision makers in a timely fashion.

Arisant Managed Services architects and advisors can help your IT staff build, implement, and manage a comprehensive business intelligence solution tailored to your specific business needs. For example, you can have your custom solution:

  • Track the performance of your business
  • Calculate measures reflecting financial performance
  • Evaluate measures having a direct impact on your customers
  • Assess measures reflecting the performance of key business processes

With the help of Arisant Managed Services architects and advisors, you can have a business intelligence solution without huge investments in additional, specialized IT staff. More important, your business’s decision makers will be able to make knowledge-based decisions that have a direct impact on your business.

Arisant Managed Services deliver immediate and long-term value. You’ll enjoy improved system stability, consistent software upgrades and patches, consistent backup management, freedom from obsolete hardware or software, and much more. Equally important, when we take care of the routine maintenance and support of existing systems, you’ll free up your internal IT staff to work on the development of new systems that will help meet your business goals.

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