Who owns your corporate data, who has access to it, and how do you control and manage this access? These are three very important questions that most corporations cannot easily answer. Leveraging Oracle’s Identity and Access Governance solution, Arisant can help you identify sensitive data and how it is currently accessed, and intelligently add effective controls in place to protect and govern access. Automated compliance with corporate policies and industry regulations can dramatically reduce the risk of a data breach.

The solution provides 360-degree view of user access for complete identity governance and allows business and IT functions to come together to define and implement regulatory requirements and set security goals across enterprise applications and related data.

Recognizing that today, solutions that manage identity and access governance cannot simply be IT focused and IT dependent, but rather focused on enabling business users to request and complete tasks leveraging self-service capabilities, Arisant emphasizes building an agile solution that brings a balance between tasks that need to be managed by IT and requests that can safely be carried out by end-users themselves using intuitive user interfaces. At the same time, the solution emphasizes an automated, efficient approach to managing complex access certification exercises and compliance audits. The bottom line; Oracle’s Identity and Access governance solution creates a complete and converged identity governance process for your entire enterprise.

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