Despite all the excitement and hype about Big Data and Data Lakes, data warehouses are still the primary source of data for Business Intelligence and Analytics applications. Arisant leverages the strength and native warehouse features of the Oracle database to build your secure, highly available data warehouse system. The warehouse system consolidates and organizes all your data so it can be easily managed, accessed, and analyzed, and is the heart of your Business Intelligence solution. The Oracle database is the most effective technology to maintain all this data. Data stored in the warehouse is available for further analysis using one or more of the following methods:

  • Traditional Reporting
  • Trend Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Root Cause Analysis

Infinite Scalability

In an information age where data demands grow exponentially, the ability to have a scalable solution is imperative. Arisant has successfully deployed several warehouses that are hundreds of terabytes in size and support thousands of users. The secret; architecting and designing with scalability and performance in mind by leveraging Oracle database technology features such as data sharding, partitioning and clustering (RAC). For customers that do not want to make a hardware investment, Arisant can deploy a cloud-based warehouse solution in the Oracle Cloud where virtualized as well as bare-metal hardware options are available.

Advanced Security

Protecting your data is key. The warehouse combines data from a variety of systems and as such, may often become the target of hacking activities. Arisant uses industry best practices and leverages key Oracle features to ensure your data is encrypted. Auditing and managed access is also built in the warehouse to ensure only the right users have access to sensitive information.

Resource Management

A large warehouse with thousands of users accessing data throughout the day may present  several performance challenges. Arisant has a vast experience designing such environments and leverages Oracle Resource Manager, instance caging and other proprietary tools and techniques to ensure that high priority users and applications have access to the data they need.

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