ERP Applications

Having business processes and data integrated together in a unified system allows your business to function at its peak. Arisant leverages both functional and technical knowledge of Oracle E-Business Applications to bring your Finance, HR, Sales, Customer, and Warehouse data together, allowing people to communicate and share information more effectively. For customers who are ready to embark on their cloud journey, Arisant can guide you through a seamless transition from your on-premises configuration to an Oracle Cloud ERP solution.

Imagine having all of the important data affecting your business functions accessible in a single location:

  • Customer related data interacts with Orders and Invoices, allowing your warehouse to process orders efficiently.
  • Receivables and Payables numbers balance and interfacing with Customer related data, allowing you to invoice and pay statements per your business requirements.
  • Human Resources use employee and company data to determine the best strategy for your work force. Employee data is available from recruitment to retirement.
  • Project data in a single view that allows you to manage, budget, allocate resources, and properly cost projects as they impact your business.
  • Manage all of your contracts as they relate to sales, service, projects, and procurement.

These are only a few of the improvements your company may explore, depending on the products and configuration you choose. Even though Oracle E-Business Suite can be extensive in scope, it is flexible enough to allow you to implement only the modules that apply to your requirements. Arisant can help you design and customize a final solution that represents your business processes and needs.

Key Benefits

Integrate and Secure Financial Information
Every accountant, sales representative, business unit, and your CFO will have access to the same integrated financial data and will be able to view information that pertains to their role. Implementing each area using specific responsibilities allows you to preserve the integrity of your data and maintain security compliancy.

Integrate Customer Order Information
Customer Service receives an order, the warehouse follows it through by shipping the order out, and Accounting completes the transaction by sending an invoice and receiving payment.

Standardize Processes and Improve Visibility
Standard processes and integrated data increase productivity, saving time and resources.

Standardize HR Information
Track employee data from recruitment to retirement, and analyze that data to facilitate workforce planning.

Business Intelligence as a Natural Extension
Analyze comprehensive data that influences your business with a few clicks.