Arisant works with your business team to create a collaborative environment, identifying critical success factors, targeting key processes and defining the appropriate solution. Our main purpose is to help you to design and manage an E-Business solution that fits your requirements. Additionally, Arisant’s expertise with Oracle products extends far beyond installation and implementation, and encompasses the important elements necessary for business stability and continuation.

Implement a subset or the whole suite, convert and migrate legacy data, develop customizations, and define and implement the functional specifications; Arisant supports your team while delivering a complete solution in a timely, cost effective manner.

R12 Upgrade Service
For customers interested in R12 upgrades, Our expert EBS team is ready to conduct an R12 assessment to prepare a detailed analysis of your existing Oracle applications environment and a detailed roadmap covering all aspects of the upgrade process. Regardless of the implementation (upgrade of existing environment or installation of a new environment and migration) the Arisant team will ensure you experience a seamless application upgrade, including migration of custom objects.

Post Production Support
Arisant’s U.S. based support team is available to support your EBS system 24×7. Customized monitoring will ensure that all key system components and related functions are running smoothly and within your business SLAs. EBS experts are always standing by to step in to troubleshoot and rectify any problem before mission critical functions are impacted.

Business Intelligence as a Natural Extension
Jumpstart your EBS analytics initiatives with Oracle’s Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA). OBIA is a set of pre-built, comprehensive business intelligence solution that integrates with your Oracle E-Business Suite system. OBIA comes with its own data warehouse and ETL processes and can be highly customized to meet to meet the most complex of customer requirements. Expert Arisant consultants can implement OBIA for you ensuring lower TCO and higher time to market compared to a custom data warehouse and BI solution.

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