Running Oracle Analytics Server on Containers

Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) is a highly regarded, widely implemented product in mid-size and enterprise-level organizations. Its install bases range from a few environments serving a limited number of users to large-scale deployments that cater to the analytical requirements of hundreds or even thousands of users.

Non-containerized Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) installations pose various challenges, including installation, maintenance, and patching, requiring multiple personnel with diverse skill sets. These challenges lead to increased maintenance costs, extended provisioning lead times, and planned outages that may result in prolonged downtime if not executed flawlessly. A containerization approach may provide a streamlined, more efficient solution to mitigate these challenges.

This is an example of the lifecycle of a standard non-containerized OAS environment:


lifecycle of a typical non-containerized OAS environment 1. Read Docs 2. Provision and Configure server 3. Install and configure OAS 4. Backups, SSL, security model 5. Load/Build App 6. Manual Deployments 7. Quarterly Patching 8. Yearly upgrades 9. Server end-of-life


Containers to the Rescue

In recent years, the adoption of containerization for applications has surged due to its numerous benefits, including portability between different environments, applications running consistently across different environments,  greater efficiency and scalability, enhanced security through isolation, fast deployment and delivery, easy management and automation. With Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) requiring a range of skills, including deployment and quarterly patching to comply with Oracle’s security patching policies, containerizing OAS is a logical solution.

Arisant offers a containerized OAS solution (C-OAS) that eliminates the need for customers to possess advanced knowledge of Linux OS and WebLogic for manual OAS installation and patching. The cloud repository provided by Arisant offers a current, fully-patched, and tested version of OAS that incorporates easy migration from existing environments through  pre-bundled workflows. The solution also includes provisions for SSL configuration, clustering, and integration with authentication providers.

Updated versions for container images are made available promptly when Oracle releases quarterly or interim patches. This ensures that you keep up with the latest security enhancements, bug fixes and new features. The process is straightforward: users simply pull the new container image version from our cloud registry and bounce their containers. A risk-free process that takes minutes!

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The offering is subscription based and allows a subscriber to download available OAS container image versions as many times as needed. On average, a typical customer with 3 OAS environments will spend 12x less in maintenance over a 4-year period.

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