Guaranteed Continuous End User Access To Corporate Resources

Your Oracle Identity and Access Management (OIM/OAM) system is probably the single most important piece of infrastructure in your organization.  Proper functioning of the various components and services that make up this footprint is essential for continuous business operations and the various on-going management and administration tasks to maintain expected service levels can be a daunting. As a OIM/OAM administrator, you are judged by uptime and availability and become the center of attention as soon as a small outage or a sporadic system slowness prevents users from accessing their systems. To make matters worse, talented OIM/OAM professionals are hard to find and are highly compensated. A well staffed senior team can cost a company a fortune.

Arisant offers piece of mind and cost management, by helping you manage all aspects of provisioning, maintaining and supporting your enterprise Identity and Access Management system. Our experience team members (all U.S. based staff) are well versed in the entire software stack. We have been successfully managing large, enterprise OIM/OAM environments for years. With 100’s of out-of-the-box monitoring and alarming configurations, the uptime and SLAs of your OIM/OAM is guaranteed!

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