During this two-day instructor-led course, you will learn how to create data models, layouts and reports using BI Publisher 12c. Expert instructors will teach you how to create data models from various data sources, create layouts for reports and leverage advanced features to create complex, highly formatted reports in different formats. You will also learn how to publish reports to dashboards and other destinations such as email, printers, document repositories, etc.

Course Topics

Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher 12c

  • OBI Foundation Suite At a Glance
  • Typical Reporting Challenges
  • Oracle BI Publisher Paradigm
  • BI Publisher – From Data to Destination
  • BI Publisher Architecture

Getting Started with Oracle BI Publisher 12c

  • Logging In to BI Publisher
  • BI Publisher Interface at a Glance
  • Repository Objects
  • Browsing Catalog Objects
  • Creating a Simple Report
  • Layout and Report Properties
  • Report Properties, Caching, Formatting, Font Mapping
  • Report Parameters

Data Model Editor

  • Introduction to Data Models
  • Data Model Editor
  • Data Model – Properties
  • Data Model – Manage Data Sources
  • Creating Data Models, Parameters and LOVs, Bind Variables
  • Other Data Sources: Web Services, HTTP, XML ,Excel ,OBI Subject Area ,OBI Analysis, OBI Server SQL Query

Scheduling and Bursting Reports

  • Introduction to Scheduling Report Jobs
  • Scheduling Report Jobs Configuration
  • Manage Reports and Report Job History
  • Conditional Triggers
  • Bursting Jobs
  • Creating and Enabling Bursting Definitions

Administration and Security

  • Administration Page
  • Data Sources: JDBC, JNDI, Files, LDAP, OLAP Connection
  • Security Center
  • Folder and Object Permissions
  • Delivery: Delivery Configuration
  • System Maintenance
  • Runtime Configuration
  • Integration

Applying Translations  

  • Introduction to Translations
  • Using XLIFF Translation
  • Examining the XLIFF File
  • Uploading XLIFF Translation
  • Changing Account Preferences
  • Viewing the Translated Report

Course Objectives

  • Understand BI Publisher’s architecture and its relation to OBIEE.
  • Create data models from various data sources using the Data Model Editor.
  • Create report layouts using the Layout Editor.
  • Create complex RTF templates using Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Create BI Publisher reports.
  • Create bursting definitions, schedule reports and deliver them to various destinations.
  • Translate reports in different languages.
  • Publish reports using OBIEE dashboards.
  • Learn how to perform basic administrative tasks in BI Publisher.

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