If you are an Oracle customer with a substantial software footprint, there is a good chance that at some point you will be audited by Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS). LMS job is to solely perform license audits and identify discrepancies between what you bought and what you really use. The audit is very detailed and time consuming but most importantly very costly in case inconsistencies are identified.

You can leave everything to luck or fate, or you can proactively prepare so that when the dreaded audit finally happens, you can pass with flying colors. Arisant’s Audit and Compliance practice can help. Our consultants will go through all your contracts, create a record of all licensing, and then scan your entire infrastructure to discover and document Oracle software and related quantities. Any discrepancies are then reported back to you, along with a plan of action.

The Arisant difference

Because Arisant is an experienced Oracle Platinum partner with tons of technical implementations under our belts, the recommendations that come out of the audit activities are not simply restricted on buying more licenses to cover gaps. This is the main difference between Arisant and other companies that offer license audit services. We will typically provide various architectural options that may allow you to remove or adjust some licensing to true up, without compromising SLAs, performance or systems availability. In case additional licensing is needed, we will intelligently determine the most viable option and complete the transaction for you.

Monitoring Oracle License Usage

If your environment is substantially complex with hundreds of servers and several different Oracle software, Arisant can help you institute a disciplined approach to manage your licensing footprint and ensure that you stay in compliance.

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