What is the the benefit of Engineered Systems?
Oracle Engineered Systems are pre-built Hardware and Software solutions that address business requirements by providing high-performance, redundant hardware and software bundled together. Engineered Systems require significantly less staff hours of maintenance and will perform better out of the box as compare to a standard system. For example, for a database server to perform optimally, IT personnel must perform hundreds of hours of highly-skilled tasks such as collaborating with Server Administrators, Storage Administrators and Network Administrators to make sure obscure settings are tweaked and configured just right.

With Engineered Systems, optimal systems settings, version compatibility and patch applications are thoroughly regression tested and verified before made available for download to the end customers. This approach, saves valuable time and ultimately provides increase system uptime.

Purchase through Arisant
Arisant is one of Oracle’s premier Engineered Systems reseller and integration partners. Our consultants go through extensive, on-going Oracle training classes and work on real-world Engineered Systems projects to gain unique experiences with large scale Application, Database and Systems implementations.

Arisant consultants will work with your organization as well as the Oracle team to identify the correct Engineered Solution for you based on key business requirements, future growth and SLAs. Licensing experts will then help you understand and evaluate various acquisition options to ensure your investment is maximized and and your financial goals are met.

Journey to the Cloud
Since all Oracle engineered systems are cloud-ready, Arisant will go through all consumption model options with you. Whether you want to start with a traditional on-premises deployment, or ready to start you cloud journey with a private cloud, or public cloud behind your firewall implementation, Arisant is here to help.

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