Successful ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) is the corner stone for populating your enterprise data warehouse. Arisant architects can help you design a robust and highly performing data integration architecture that can handle all your data needs. From traditional ETL to real-time data streaming, Arisant makes effective use of a variety of Oracle and open source technologies to gather data residing in disparate, siloed systems, and subsequently cleanse and transform it into high-quality information and load it in the data warehouse.

Data Quality

Business Intelligence and Analytics applications rely of quality data to produce accurate results. Poor data quality is the main reason users abandon using data warehouse systems. Therefore, a data quality strategy should be the cornerstone of your data integration approach if your goal is to have a repository of clean, integrated and semantically unified data. Arisant can help you develop a comprehensive data quality management environment that can be used to improve, protect and govern data quality.

Real -Time Data Streaming

Achieving real-time data warehousing is a necessity in the modern world of massive amounts of data where business decisions need to take place as quickly as supporting data is generated. The ability to process high-volume and high-diversity data is a requirement that more and more businesses have. Arisant can help you architect a reusable, scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure to support many use cases of real-time data streaming.

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