Purchase Oracle

Oracle licensing can be a very challenging and complex task. Different licensing metrics, various pricing models, suites of products with overlapping capabilities can make licensing a nightmare. An unexpected Oracle audit can cost a customer thousands of dollars in fines. New licensing investments can also be confusing especially when a customer has existing legacy licensing in place. How about Cloud licensing? Universal Credit Pricing (Oracle UC) and Oracle Bring Your Own License (Oracle BYOL) are powerful Cloud licensing programs, though very confusing!

Arisant’s deep understanding of the various Oracle licensing components coupled with our expertise in implementing Oracle software and hardware solutions,  makes us the ideal partner to help you figure out your licensing footprint. Our services include:

Software licensing

  • New license acquisition
  • Software assessment to inventory existing footprint
  • Assess compliance and prepare customers for Oracle audits
  • Assess current and future license needs and assist with selecting the right products, version and licensing model
  • Identify and manage initial investment as well as yearly support costs
  • Provide support during the procurement process
  • Asset Management System – included with any new Oracle license purchase from Arisant

Hardware Sales

  • Architecture review
  • Capacity planning to accomodate future growth
  • Evaluation of High Availability and Disaster Recovery requirements
  • Evaluation of SLAs, performance and scalability requirements
  • Procurement, installation and configuration services based on Oracle best practices
  • Migration of existing systems to the new infrastructure

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