Understand the Basics: An Introduction to Oracle Cloud

In the age of big data, it’s crucial business owners have the necessary infrastructure in place to collect, store, manage, and mine information in ways that make sense for their businesses. While on-site data servers have limited capacity, Oracle Cloud is scalable, creating an all-in-one system that empowers business leaders to capitalize on their big data use.

Oracle Cloud

Servers and storageOracle Cloud is unique in that it combines Oracle applications into one comprehensive — and always changing — integrated platform. It allows users to host, manage, and leverage big data right from their offices — without investing in major infrastructure, IT staffs, or complicated systems. It is a comprehensive data management system valuable to owners of businesses across industries with significantly lower operational costs compared to on-site platforms. Oracle’s secure solution transforms big data into a useable and valuable tool for making better business decisions, meeting goals, and beating the competition.

The Oracle Cloud is designed to be flexible and customizable, depending on business needs. It’s built to serve businesses today and in the future as they grow. Oracle’s solution offers useful products in every category including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). It’s designed to transform everyday business operations by reducing big data complexities and increasing online agility. Applications include:

  • SaaS — Oracle SaaS applications provide innovative and trustworthy solutions that enable business owners to transform their customers’ experiences with solutions hosted in the cloud.
  • IaaS — Oracle provides useful infrastructure solutions within the cloud to host and maintain crucial business functions. They offer flexible on-demand and pay-for-use features.
  • PaaS — This functionality allows business leaders to develop, run, and manage applications in the cloud without investing in the proprietary software necessary to host them.

Cloud GuyBy computing in the Oracle Cloud, business owners can pick and choose what they need — or perform complete transformations, moving their complete infrastructures to the cloud. The cloud is a complex and elastic ecosystem that’s constantly changing and evolving to meet company needs. A trusted partner can help business leaders plan and maximize their Oracle investments and evolve along with the cloud by providing IT organizations with a cost-efficient yet high-quality alternative to hiring and managing expensive full-time IT staffs and resources.

By partnering with an Oracle Cloud expert, business owners can monitor and manage mission-critical Oracle technologies and associated applications in the cloud as well as ensure optimal performance, security, and availability around-the-clock. A partner can also help monitor changes, disruptions, and updates to ensure businesses don’t get left behind in the world of big data.

Thinking of adding a cloud system to your toolbox? We’re here to help to you navigate choosing the technologies that make the most sense for your business and ensure you get the most out of your data. To learn more about Oracle Cloud Platform and how the experts at Arisant can help you understand your options, contact us at 303-330-4065 or by email at sales@arisant.com.

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