Most organizations today are considering or are in the process of implementing some form of Cloud computing. However, because of the complexities of existing legacy environments, technical debt, security, existing on-premises licensing investment, networking and interfaces, and the ever changing landscape of Cloud computing options, it can be very difficult to understand and quantify the benefits of a Cloud implementation.

This difficulty can lead to Cloud initiatives never being pursued, the wrong Cloud solution being chosen, and in some cases, devastating Cloud implementation failures. With more than a decade of Cloud project implementation experience, Arisant has simplified the process of evaluating, understanding and selecting a suitable Cloud strategy. We can partner with you to deliver an assessment and an associated model that is actionable, reliable and that can be understood by key financial stake holders in your organization. We understand that each organization is unique and it is therefore expected that the model will be enhanced with additional measures during the assessment so that key business criteria are incorporated.

Arisant’s  Customer 2 Cloud assessment consists of a short, but very focused assessment that examines these areas:

  • Business Goals
  • Identification of Key Candidate Systems
  • Cloud Vision
  • Barriers to Cloud Adoption
  • Oracle Support and Maintenance Commitments
  • Economic Efficiencies
  • Scalability and Elasticity
  • Security and Compliance
  • Performance
  • Operating Model
  • Critical Success Factors

The assessment is executed by the Arisant team working with your key teams and stakeholders. The engagement is in the form of a series of discovery meetings and working sessions. At the conclusion of the assessment, generally after 1-2 weeks, a comprehensive ROI and TCO model will be delivered with an actionable plan and budgetary numbers derived from your input.

This ROI and TCO assessment model compares and contrasts different Cloud options including your current on-premises infrastructure footprint, and offers a detailed side-by-side comparison. The assessment goes beyond the traditional identification of a best-fitting cloud hosting environment and it provides an unparalleled level on insight into your current IT spend and investments, and plots a Cloud adoption path that is easy to understand by key business stakeholders. This assessment will set your path to Cloud success!

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