Manage your budget, improve employee productivity and deliver your projects on time. These are the 3 principles that we use when we provide resource support services to our customers. Arisant can provide talented, professional IT consultants that can directly work with your team. Our consultants are carefully selected to match your technical requirements and can effectively become part of your development process and life cycle to help you deliver results fast and drive your projects to completion.

Block of Time (BoT)

BoT is an alternative to full time staffing options. BoT is a bucket of service hours designed to allow you access to resources with certain skillsets at a fraction of the cost of employing your own IT staff. BoT allows customers to purchase hours for any support and implementation services Arisant offers and assign them tasks that do not warrant on-boarding full time resources. For example, a customer may purchase 30 hours a month of EBS functional or technical support, or 20 hours a month of database performance tuning services, and use these hours to task the resource with respective tasks. This affordable model also frees up valuable customer resources that can focus on more critical tasks. Arisant’s BoT service has no expiration date for the purchased hours, uses locked-in rates and is based on a pay-as-you-go model. In addition, it gives customers access to Arisant’s knowledge base.

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