Arisant’s Server Virtualization services help your organization better manage its server footprint by consolidating both Oracle and non-Oracle applications on fewer physical servers. Arisant leverages Oracle VM and other technologies to help you simplify and centralize the management of your applications while improving the overall availability and scalability.

Arisant helps you move away from the traditional model of server over-allocation to accommodate future application growth, and transitions you to a modern, grow-as-you-go model where resources are dynamically allocated only when required. This flexibility helps you better manage your operational costs and overall IT infrastructure budget. Arisant’s Server Virtualization services will help you:

  • Simplify and centralize management of  applications and resources
  • Improve availability and scalability of mission critical applications
  • Enable dynamic, policy-based allocation of  resources to  handle enterprise workloads
  • Lower costs of server acquisition, software licenses and data center operational costs

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