The platform has become one of the most popular platforms used to develop dynamic applications. One of the main challenges phased today by organizations, is their ability to integrate newly developed applications with the existing ecosystem of applications and data. is great for developing applications but not necessarily focused on strong integration with existing enterprise systems.

Arisant can bridge this gap, making your application implementation seamlessly integrate with existing applications, securely and efficiently. Using available APIs and Arisant developed libraries, we can integrate your new application with any on-premises, cloud or SaaS systems that are part of your application ecosystem using standards-based integration and best practices. Arisant emphasizes strong security and can implement a solution that protects sensitive data while allowing interaction between applications using simple and powerful APIs. The Arisant approach addresses typical problems encountered when trying to leverage out-of-the-box pre-build integration solutions offered by various 3rd party integration providers, such as scalability, extensibility, performance and security.

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