Is Your Hardware Fading? Get a Head Start – Migrate to the Cloud

Every few years IT departments come to a crossroads. Hardware is coming up to the end of its usable life and a decision must be made: replace/ upgrade the on-premises data center or take a leap and migrate to the cloud. The decision can be a tough one to make, but when many enterprises weigh the pros and cons of each option, cloud is becoming the clear choice. Not only are enterprises seeing better performance and security by migrating to the cloud, they are also seeing lower costs and higher ROI. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why migrating to the cloud may be a better option than continuing to pour money into an on-premises model.

Why upgrade when you can migrate?

1) Now is the most opportune time to migrate – There is not a better opportunity to move the cloud than when you have the choice to upgrade your on-premises hardware and need to reinstall your systems or migrate all of your existing systems to the cloud. Take advantage of your situation and plan for the migration!

2) The cost of hardware is increasing – When you consider all of the costs that go into upgrading a data center, from new hardware, cost of installation, and ongoing support costs, you may realize that upgrading is out of the question for your business’ budget. When you migrate to cloud, there will be fewer upfront costs, and you will see much more predictable ongoing expenses and likely see a higher ROI.

3) Create predictable IT expenses – When you migrate to the cloud you convert capital expenses into operating expenses, thus creating a more predictable IT spend which is more appealing to C-Level executives like your CEO or CFO.

4) Add a DR environment with minimal effort – Most enterprises have DR requirements that can no longer be upheld by adding a second data center near your business. Additionally, on-premises DR environments can nearly double the cost of your upgrade as you will need to create an almost identical data center somewhere else. With cloud infrastructure, you are able to easily add a DR environment in another region that can guarantee to be online in less than 15 minutes in the case of a production environment failure.

State of the art hardware that lives outside of your data center.

When you make the decision to migrate to the cloud, you are making the decision to host your data and other systems using someone else’s hardware. That not only means that you are no longer responsible for the highly expensive upkeep of that hardware or the physical security, but you also get to enjoy the benefits of state of the art hardware.

When you work with a cloud provider like Oracle, you can have your choice of some of the highest performing and most secure hardware on the market. Additionally, you pay for only what you use, so you can get the performance of an Exadata machine without paying for the full machine. That’s a piece of equipment you could likely only dream about having in your business’ data center.

If your business is at a crossroads when it comes time to upgrade your on-premises solution or migrate to the cloud and needs help determining the best solution, then feel free to contact one of our expert cloud architects by calling (303) 330-4065 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you in the next business day.

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