Keep Your Data Safe with Oracle Cloud Security

You can hardly turn on the news these days without hearing stories about data breaches, credit hacks, or identity theft. The threat of compromised data is a risk we face every day, and it’s one of IT decision-makers’ biggest concerns. Leaders of businesses big and small have all come to recognize the need for solid security protocols in the era of big data. In fact, the very need for fool-proof security solutions has been one of the biggest drivers of the migration to cloud computing.

The Oracle Cloud ecosystem was designed specifically with security in mind. Its solutions are designed to be failsafe for those utilizing the cloud in businesses of all sizes. The Oracle Cloud is designed to be preventive, keeping any potential risks at bay while maintaining detective solutions to alert users of any suspicious changes or risks. The system also accounts for new threats, security regulations, as well as policies and practices.

However, studies show those in at least 76% of all organizations have faced at least one security threat — but much as 91% have concerns about moving their data to the cloud. Many fear the cloud is less secure than their traditional on-site data storage solutions. However, this simply isn’t the case. In fact, continuing to store data in on-premises arrangements could leave your business at great risk. On the other hand, Oracle Cloud offers inherent features to optimize your data security.

  • Oracle Identity and Access Management — Oracle Cloud offers highly technical identity requirement and access management, allowing managers and business owners to offer access only to those with permission.
  • Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics — Built-in Oracle security monitoring constantly scans all cloud activity to identify security threats.
  • Oracle Database Security — In addition to monitoring activity, Oracle Database Security measures include, “transparent data encryption, encryption key management, privileged user and multifactor access control, data classification and discovery, database activity monitoring and blocking, consolidated auditing and reporting, and data masking,” to keep data safe.

Furthermore, Oracle maintains built-in redundancies that can back data up at any point if need be. Oracle also is known for nearly 100% uptime, meaning your data and Oracle tools are virtually never unavailable. Partnering with an Oracle Cloud managed service provider offers the added peace of mind of knowing your trusted partner is always available to help manage your cloud and protect the data it contains.

As an Oracle Platinum and Oracle Cloud MSP partner, Arisant is an industry leader in Oracle technologies, including Oracle Cloud. We help leaders of businesses of all sizes secure their assets and maximize their Oracle investments while keeping their data secure. We are a technology and professional services consulting firm that provides our clients with cost-effective IT services related to implementing and maintaining cloud computing with Oracle.

Wondering if storing your critical data in the Cloud is a safe decision for your business? Contact the experts at Arisant at 303-330-4065 or to learn more about Oracle Cloud and how we can help you find a solution that works best for your business.

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