Save Money and Increase Performance by Running Your Campus in the Cloud!

While the overall trend of the growing adoption rate of the public cloud is clear, higher education’s applications and legacy infrastructure often remain in on-premises data centers, partly because IT leaders are skeptical about a public cloud provider’s ability to meet a campus’ requirements.

This skepticism has been warranted as most public clouds lack the capabilities necessary to host mission-critical applications. First-generation cloud vendors offered basic cloud infrastructure that just couldn’t support high-end computing demands and often failed to provide consistent performance required by a campus that is online 24×7.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), a second generation cloud platform, on the other hand, delivers an enterprise-grade public cloud. OCI was designed to run enterprise applications and databases and delivers the performance, versatility, and governance required by higher education while offering a level of performance often exceeding what is commonly found in on-premises environments. Oracle also offers tools to migrate existing applications to the cloud without forcing you to re-architect those applications, making it a great solution for any college or university seeing climbing IT maintenance costs or underperforming legacy environments running in a data center on-premises.

If you’re nervous about safely moving your hard-earned data to the cloud, don’t fret! You don’t have to go it alone; we’re here to help! Along with helping you determine which solution, Public or Private Cloud, makes the most sense, we offer complete support for expedient and secure application, database, and data migration. Fill out the form to request a cloud migration consultation where we will have one of our cloud migration experts give you a call to discuss everything from the process of migration to expected costs.

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