Streamlining Public Sector Unemployment Support: Arisant’s Oracle Digital Assistant Implementation

Client Overview:

The client in this implementation is a leading workforce development agency. Consisting of workforce-related services, including job training and placement, disability services, investigation for employment-related claims, and unemployment insurance benefits.

Client Challenges:

Traditional communication channels, including phone calls, posed challenges for claimants and Unemployment Insurance (UI) employees. The extensive number of claimants calling in with frequently asked questions led to long wait times and prolonged agent handle times, which meant there was less time for UI employees to address complex issues. 

To combat these challenges, our client sought a modern solution to streamline communication, enhance user experience, and optimize staffing resources by offloading routine, general unemployment questions to a resource capable of answering questions in real-time.

Solution: Arisant’s Implementation of Oracle Digital Assistant

A diagram of an Unemployment Insurance Digital Assistant system, showing a flow from 'English Claimants' and 'Spanish Claimants' at the 'UI Website' to the 'Oracle Digital Assistant' via a 'Web Channel', then to a 'Multi-Lingual Unemployment Digital Assistant' which is connected to an 'AI/ML Intelligent Routing Engine' and 'Skills Multi-Lingual Unemployment FAQ'

Implementation Scope

As a leading technology solutions provider, Arisant integrated Oracle Digital Assistant to help answer questions, simplify complex language, and increase understanding of the Unemployment Insurance program. Claimants can now obtain answers to general unemployment questions, and – for less generalized questions – the Digital Assistant will direct claimants to sources for additional information.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Topic and Self-Help Coverage:

Arisant developed and integrated over 80 topics into the chat feature to ensure comprehensive coverage of unemployment-related inquiries regarding eligibility, filing claims, debit cards, and benefits. Claimants now have access to support with real-time answers, allowing users to find answers quickly and allowing staff to focus on addressing complex claimant questions.

  • Continuous Optimization with AI and NLU:

The Oracle Digital Assistant system –powered by machine learning AI and Natural Language Understanding (NLU)– ensures that communication evolves to handle a growing range of queries through continuous improvements. 

The Digital Assistant NLU constantly analyzes language nuances and optimizes the conversational model. It recognizes the intent behind a particular message or query and determines the action the user wants to perform or the information users frequently seek. Over time, the system learns from user interactions, improving its understanding to enhance performance and become more user-friendly.

  • Multilingual Support:

Arisant collaborated with the clients’ web team, integrating a language-switching option on the unemployment insurance site to better serve a diverse user base. Upon switching the site language from English to Spanish, the Digital Assistant will automatically adjust its language. Alternatively, if the user is already engaged in the chat, they can change the language by accessing the ellipses and selecting their preferred language.

  • ADA Compliance: 

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the chat solution enables claimants to engage with the knowledge base through speech and voice responses, ensuring accessibility for individuals with diverse needs.


Results and Benefits:

  • Improved User Experience

Claimants now benefit from a more efficient and user-friendly system, reducing the frustration associated with long phone wait times.

  • Making the Most of Resources

The paradigm shift towards digital self-help channels allows our client to strategically allocate staff to focus on resolving complex issues and improve employee performance.

  • Improved Accessibility

Compliance with ADA standards promotes inclusivity and ensures individuals with varying abilities can easily interact with the system. 

  • Cost-Effective and Scalable

The Oracle Digital Assistant can accommodate a growing user base and evolving requirements without significantly increasing operational costs.

  • Future-Ready

With continuous optimization and language expansions, the digital assistant remains adaptable to the changing needs of our client and its constituents. 

Arisant’s implementation of Oracle Digital Assistant addressed the immediate challenges faced by our client and laid the foundation for a modern, user-centric communication platform that adapts to future needs. The project’s success demonstrates the transformative impact of technology within the public sector. 


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