Why BI and the Cloud Are a Perfect Match

Keyboard with Big Data buttonIf you considered cloud-based business intelligence (BI) a couple of years ago and found it coming up short, it might be time to take another look. Most companies want to make better use of their data, but many are unsure if BI is the right move. But now, Oracle has solved many cloud BI issues to provide the solution you’ve hoped for all along.

A good start

BI solutions began as on-premises implementations. Although these solutions deliver on their promise to turn data into business knowledge and actionable information, they have some inherent problems. The capacity of hardware, software, and other components needed for an on-premises BI solution makes it costly to set up and maintain in terms of both time and money. It also takes a long time and considerable effort to get the system up and running. Once the solution is operational, users still face many problems. On-premise BI is difficult to scale for a large number of users and limits remote access.

A better solution

Taking BI to the cloud solves these on-premise problems. With a cloud BI solution, there are no upfront hardware costs and software licensing costs. It’s quick to deploy, and since the cloud provider typically performs setup and maintenance, the IT team has time to work on other tasks. In addition, the scalability of a cloud BI solution is virtually unlimited and remote users can access the solution with the same ease as any other user.

Despite this vast improvement in functionality, many of the early adopters of cloud BI solutions found that they still faced a few challenges. They discovered that the initial cloud solutions weren’t as sophisticated as their on-premises BI solutions. Working with data from multiple, unconnected data sources also presented a challenge for users. Equally troublesome was the fact that the early cloud BI solutions required a great deal of customization, which ultimately fell on the shoulders of IT staff, monopolizing their time once more.

The best of BI

Working together, Oracle and Arisant have tackled and solved the problems found in the early cloud BI solutions. The result: BICS in a BOX.

At the heart of this solution is Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS). This platform gives users the ability to perform powerful data analyses and create interactive reports through a streamlined cloud-user interface. Through its BOX Services, Arisant acquires, configures, and customizes BICS to meet a company’s specific needs. To identify those needs, Arisant performs a joint requirements analysis with the customer to identify and prioritize critical requirements. Based on these requirements, Arisant uses an agile and iterative development model to develop fully custom interactive dashboards and reports, and provides training on how to use BICS as part of its BOX Services.

BICS in a BOX offers several advantages over other cloud BI solutions:

  • It’s a full-service solution in a simple package.
  • It’s a truly seamless, interconnected system. It’s not several systems cobbled together in piecemeal fashion.
  • It’s user friendly. All different types of users will find it easy to access and analyze data so they can make informed decisions.
  • It’s IT friendly. The solution is highly customizable, but not in a way that sucks the life out of all of your IT resources.
  • It’s a single-provider solution. By working solely with Arisant, you’ll have fewer costs, fewer management responsibilities, and guaranteed results.

Arisant’s Oracle-certified experts understand that businesses aren’t just looking for another BI solution. Instead, take advantage of the new era of cloud-based BI and get ahead of the competition by turning piles of meaningless data into actionable information in no time.

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