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City of Las Vegas Drives Business Value with Oracle Cloud

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Faced with increasing demands from the departments to leverage IT in new and innovative ways to help enable Citizens utilize the City services better, Michael Sherwood, CIO, started looking at options for drastically reducing the amount of time spent on Maintenance and Operations of the City’s core IT systems.

Over the years budget cuts and the need for complex IT systems had created an environment where skilled and talented IT staff was spending more than 90% of their time on Maintenance and Operations rather than on tasks and functions furthering the City’s mission.

Michael Sherwood’s team looked at multiple options from many vendors and by partnering with Arisant and Oracle decided that the Oracle Cloud at Customer (OCC) was the right solution.

The decision process to implement a cloud solution involved detailed ROI and TCO calculations that made it obvious that no other platform or solution could even come close to the massive cost savings and work reduction year by year offered by Oracle Cloud at Customer. In addition, to the cost savings and operational benefits, the City now have increased security as well as the ability to adjust workloads and a pay as you go compute model making valuable budget resources stretch longer.

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