DBSAT: How Secure is Your Database? [video]

How secure is your database? The number of security breaches in the U.S. decreased from 2017, however, the number of records that contained sensitive data increased by 126%. Additionally, the 2018 IBM security study reported the global average cost of a data breach is up 6.4 percent over the previous year to $3.86 million. The average cost for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information also increased by 4.8 percent year over year to $148.

While database security is improving, the cost of a breach could be detrimental to any business. In order to stay safe you need to keep a close eye on your data and do anything you can to keep it safe!

In this short, 30-minute video recording from the 2019 Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group (RMOUG) Training Days, Senior DBA, Linda Seley, shares how you can achieve a more secure database using Oracle’s free Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT.)

Watch this video to learn:

  • Where to download DBSAT
  • How to get started with DBSAT
  • How you can achieve a safer database using DBSAT’s Collect, Report, and Discover tools
  • DBSAT best practices
  • Tips and tricks to improve your experience while using DBSAT

Arisant has been helping organizations for years to identify security holes before an external intruder, disgruntled employee or an auditor does. We can help you act before a security breach or system outage forces you to take action. Click here to learn more about how Arisant can help you lower your risk of a data breach.

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