Will I Lose My Data When it Lives in the Cloud?

Business man calling technical support because of server not found error on his computer.

If you’ve ever heard the figurative “POOF!” and felt the associated massive headache of misplacing data somewhere over the network, you know the data loss nightmare is real. Leaders of businesses of all sizes experience nervousness about moving to the cloud because of this very fear. However, with built-in Oracle Cloud data redundancies and backup capabilities, IT decision-makers everywhere can rest assured their data isn’t going anywhere.

What is data redundancy?

How can company leaders be so sure they’ll avoid data loss? Two simple words: data redundancy. Data redundancy is “a condition created within a database or data storage technology in which the same piece of data is held in two separate places.” Oracle Cloud purposefully backs data up in a redundant manner, so if one piece of data goes missing, its backup is stored in and accessible from a separate location. This ensures data kept in one place is also safely stored in another location and on another server, ready to help business leaders restore their lost files if need be.

Built-in business continuity and disaster recovery

The Oracle Disaster Recovery plan includes replicating or copying each piece of data, “in near real-time to two replication servers within the production data center, as well as to a geographically-remote Disaster Recovery (DR) facility. This creates multiple redundant copies of all customer data to guard against system, local disruptions, and even entire data center failure.” In essence, Oracle Cloud automatically stores data not only twice in the main Oracle server but additionally in a completely separate off-site server in case the main unit goes down. This added layer of duplication protects Oracle Cloud users from nearly every imaginable scenario, then backs data up regularly to keep it as up-to-date as possible in the event of loss.

The brilliance of the Oracle Disaster Recovery system lies in the fact that data should never be unavailable. The system stores data in more than one location and continually backs it up, so if even one part of the system were to go down, users would be able to access that same data from another location. This backup system is designed in a way that gives Oracle Cloud users nearly 100% uptime and ensures smooth data transfer to and from the cloud. And, while many think traditional dedicated servers are safer because they store data right in users’ offices, IT professionals utilizing this setup must still make sure they properly secure and back the data up to avoid loss in the event of disasters or other server malfunctions.

Utilizing Oracle Cloud backup and data recovery properly means data is always secure. Proper cloud configuration and implementation means users never have to worry about losing data due to a disaster. Plus, partnering with an Oracle Cloud professional can give users confidence in knowing their systems are set up to provide them with proper data redundancies and backups, offering true peace of mind.

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