Oracle Cloud Migration: Do I Have to Go It Alone?

Business man migrating his data to the cloud.

For those who have been storing business data on-site for years, chances are they’ve also got immeasurable and vital amounts of data. This means migrating to cloud computing can be a momentous prospect — especially when accompanied by the risk of losing said data. According to Gartner research, cloud migration and associated expenses are outpacing predictions, and many business leaders have taken leaps of faith — even in light of the fear of disruption or, worse yet, losing their critical data.

Risks shouldn’t prohibit growth

Despite these cloud migration fears, benefits outweigh the risks. Business stakeholders can benefit from added cloud flexibility and control. The Oracle Cloud features unmatched solutions, including software as a service (SaaS), data as a service (DaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), allowing organization leaders to reduce IT complexities and continue high-performance in the era of big data.

Oracle offers a wide variety to tools and methods to aid business leaders in moving their on-premise databases and applications to the Oracle Cloud. Options vary based on circumstances and needs, including existing server versions, data sets, and projected designs for new databases. Oracle also offers specific methods for migration application to help business owners seamlessly move their current Oracle apps directly to the cloud while maintaining existing data and configurations.

A smooth move

These automated tools are designed to make any move to the cloud seamless with very little downtime or disruption. The Oracle Cloud database can function exactly as on-premise solutions do, allowing business leaders the control they’ve come to expect while also increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs.

Before migration, proper planning is necessary to ensure business owners can effectively secure all data in their moves. This includes the steps necessary to complete migration and all additional tasks required to make their migrations successful.

By working with a Cloud managed services provider (MSP), business owners can ensure all their data and applications — even years-old data and applications from multiple vendors — are migrated to the cloud safely. In addition, a Cloud MSP can help with a disruption-free migration. That means a streamlined move to the cloud without any interruptions or downtime.

Once safe migration to the Oracle Cloud is complete, business leaders can rely on augmented reality (AI)-based automation, meaning “The removal of any risk of human error or requirements for human performance testing, Oracle claims, can reduce planned or unplanned downtime to less than 30 minutes per year.” The cloud can also help reduce IT overhead and seamlessly secure data in a way that makes sense for individual business owners, all while maintaining maximum levels of control.

Nervous about safely moving your hard-earned data to the cloud? You don’t have to go it alone; we’re here to help! Along with helping you determine which solution makes the most sense for your company, we offer complete support for expedient and secure application, database, and data migration. To learn more about Oracle Cloud and how the experts at Arisant can help you migrate, contact us at 303-330-4065 or by email at

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