A Tale of Two Databases: Comparing Autonomous Database to a Manual Configuration

Cost – Cut your AWS bill in half when you switch to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)

Oracle: Oracle is using machine learning to revolutionize data management with the introduction of the world’s first ADW cloud, delivering more automation for more savings.

Other data warehouses: Traditional cloud data warehouses are manually managed and tuned, prone to human error, and easily exposed to costly security vulnerabilities, making the promise of cloud savings and efficiency unattainable.

Performance – Oracle performs in an hour what traditional data warehouses can in 10 hours.

Oracle: Integrated machine-learning algorithms drive automatic caching, adaptive indexing, advanced compression, and optimized cloud data-loading to deliver unrivaled performance.

Other data warehouses: Traditional data warehouse performance requires highly-skilled staff to deploy, patch, tune and optimize. These data warehouses are limited by hardware and tend to perform inconsistently and at sub-par levels.

Deployment – Deploy your new data warehouse in minutes.

Oracle: Deploying a data warehouse can be done in a matter of minutes. For new deployments, users specify tables, load data, then run their workloads with only a few clicks—no manual tuning or data warehouse experts needed.

Other data warehouses: A traditional data warehouse takes hours if not days to deploy, especially if it is on-premises. During deployment, DBAs are all hands on deck and you can no longer focus on more important tasks and must work to complete deployment and tuning.

Patching – Cut administrations costs by up to 80% when switching to Oracle ADW.

Oracle: Oracle’s cloud-based data management solutions can cut administration costs up to 80 percent, even as they protect sensitive data and empower IT teams to pursue new strategies at a lower cost and with greater efficiency than is possible with other public clouds.

Other data warehouses: On average, traditional IT shops allocate more than 72 percent of their budgets to maintaining existing information systems, leaving little time or money for innovation and data analysis.

Growth/Elasticity – With Oracle ADW you can scale up or down at any time with no down time.

Oracle: Oracle customers have fine-grained control of pre-configured compute and storage resources allowing for independent scaleup and down to avoid overpaying for expensive, unused, fixed blocks of cloud resources.

Other data warehouses: Complicated scaling processes and contracts make it difficult to make changes to existing data warehouse storage and compute power. If you’re still running on-premises, you can almost certainly count scaling up or down out of the question.

Security – Oracle ADW’s automated security guarantees 99.995% availability.

Oracle:  Automated protection from all types of failures including system failures, regional outages, and user errors delivers 99.995 percent availability, or less than 2.5 minutes of downtime a month, including maintenance.

Other data warehouses: Traditional data warehouse security requirements are hard to meet and require full-time staff to maintain. Additionally, 99.995% availability is nearly impossible to achieve for most traditional data warehouses.

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