Say Goodbye to These 5 Headaches with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

IT professionals in a server room conducting an infrastructure risk assessment.

Is your data warehouse giving you headaches? These five common data warehouse headaches will be a thing of the past when you upgrade to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW).

1) Complicated Deployment

Complicated deployments are one of the biggest causes for headache in the world of IT. Not only do these deployments taking up a lot of time, but you also need to find expert-level talent. Shouldn’t your senior-level DBAs be architecting and working on mission-critical projects instead of spending days deploying a data warehouse?

With Oracle’s new ADW, creating a data warehouse is a load-and-go process. Users simply specify tables, load data, and then run their workloads. All management tasks are automated, including data warehouse-tuning chores. Data is automatically compressed and encrypted saving your DBAs time and allowing senior-level staff to focus on more pressing matters.

2) Manual Patching

When the time comes to patch your current data warehouse, does your whole team groan knowing that in the near future there will be a time where all systems must be down to upgrade?

Patching is an area of maintenance where ADW can be particularly helpful. In many organizations patching can consume thousands of administrative hours annually. By contrast, patches for ADW environments are automatically applied as soon as they become available. This includes full-stack patching every quarter. Customers can also specify the maintenance window within which patches are automatically scheduled. Automated patching can alleviate a tremendous DBA burden and slash operating expenses, especially for larger enterprises running tens or hundreds of data warehouses.

3) Traditional data warehouses are Expensive

Is your data warehouse eating into your IT budget? It’s a necessary system to have, but by the time you have hired highly-skilled DBAs to manage it and factor in annual maintenance costs, you have already spent a large chunk of your IT budget. And if it’s on premises, you probably have more data warehouse than you need to have room for growth in the future!

Oracle ADW is Elastic – Both computing and storage capacity are instantly elastic, meaning you can save money by easily expanding or shrinking computing and storage resources when you need it.

Oracle ADW is Less Expensive than Other Solutions – Traditional data warehouse clouds are manually managed and tuned, prone to human error, and easily exposed to costly security vulnerabilities, making the promise of cloud savings and efficiency unattainable. Additionally, Oracle guarantees to cut your AWS bill in half when running the same workload on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

4) Traditional data warehouses are Hard to Secure

Security is quickly becoming a top priority for most businesses, but securing a traditional data warehouse is easier said than done. With ADW, you can avoid the headache of manually securing your data warehouse.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud not only automatically monitors the users and query activity to detect threats; it also applies patches across the entire stack of software that supports your analytic applications—all while those apps are running.

5) Slow Performance

The volume of incoming data is placing high demands on data warehouses, data warehouses, and analytic systems. This is eating up valuable storage and compute power and can cause your existing systems to lag and perform at a sub-par level, causing headaches for your whole business.

Autonomous Data Warehouse is the industry’s first solution for delivering business insights with unmatched reliability. This fully ADW cloud service is self-tuning and pre-configured for automated patch and upgrades, and avoids manual error-prone human management processing. Additionally, Autonomous Data Warehouse is built on Oracle Exadata, one of the fastest and highest performing pieces of hardware on the market, giving you unmatched performance, scalability, and reliability.

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