How Much Time Could You Save With a Database that Maintains Itself?

How much time do you or your team spend patching, upgrading, and maintaining your existing database? Chances are, it’s far more than you want to. What could your business accomplish if it cut the amount of time maintaining databases in half? Oracle’s Autonomous Database (ADB)  or Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) may help you do just that!

Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse is the first of many cloud services built on the next-generation, self-driving Autonomous Database technology. These new databases use machine learning to help deliver the best reliability, performance, and elastic data management that can be deployed in seconds, saving your team time and resources that can be spent on more important tasks like data analysis and visualization.

How Does Oracle’s Autonomous Warehouse Work?

Self Driving – Users can provision a data warehouse in a matter of minutes, without depending on specialized experts. Self-tuning and scaling helps you to store and compute resources more efficiently while your database is running so you pay for only what you use.

Self Securing – Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse automatically backs up your data and applies all security updates, including end-to-end encryption of data while the system is running. In addition, all access is monitored and tracked and appropriate action is automatically taken to ensure that bad actors, whether internal or external, are prevented from accessing your data.

Self Repairing – Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse automatically recovers from any downtime, including system failures, human errors, and maintenance, and ensures that your mission-critical applications are always online. Additionally, Oracle guarantees less than 2.5 minutes of downtime per month (planned and unplanned).

Three Time Saving Benefits of Implementing Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

  1. Easy Deployment – Deploying an Autonomous Data Warehouse is a simple process that can be done by any level DBA. An entire data warehouse can be provisioned in a matter of minutes, saving time and resources for other important projects. For new deployments, users specify tables, load data, then run their workloads with only a few clicks—no manual tuning or database experts needed.
  2. Fast Databases – Autonomous Data Warehouse is built on Oracle Exadata, using capabilities such as parallelism, columnar processing, and compression to deliver unmatched high performance, scalability, and reliability. This saves you time in the long run as you spend less time waiting to access stored data.
  3. Elastic Storage – Growth used to be the biggest challenge for most businesses with a database. The concern of using up your storage or compute is always at the back of your mind. With Autonomous Data Warehouse, storage and compute resources can be scaled independently with database services running and with no downtime. You pay only for resources consumed when you need them—without any interruptions.

Get Started Today!

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