How to Maintain Database Performance During Open Registration on OCI

When open enrollment or class registration comes around, do you fear for your data center’s health? Could a 10% increase in students cause your data center to run at maximum capacity and create a catastrophic event for your IT staff like a system crash? If your current on-premises system is reaching the end of its useful life, causing headache for IT staff, or running at capacity 10 days out of the year followed by a semester of running at 50%, then it may be time for your college or university to consider a new solution for running apps and storing student data. That solution is the Public Cloud.

Scaling Made Easy (and Cost Effective):

As your campus grows and changes, you can easily add or remove compute power with the Cloud. With the Oracle Cloud, increasing compute power and capacity can be done in a matter of minutes versus costly and time consuming alternatives like increasing storage with hardware on premises. The power to customize your campus’ compute power when you want keeps operating costs low as you’re not paying for anything extra and don’t have to scale up until necessary. Alternatively, you can scale down at any time to adjust for seasonal lows, like Summer break. As the nature of your campus changes, you can make changes to your Cloud to continually meet your students’ needs.

Performance When You Need it Most

When you migrate your campus to the Oracle Cloud, you and your students will no longer need to worry about downtime or the speed at which they can access what they’re looking for. In fact, the Oracle Cloud cornerstones are speed and agility. The system experiences boasts high availability. Your staff and students will never need to wait around waiting to access data or hosted software when Oracle Cloud is driving your business.

The Oracle Cloud leverages “massive economies of scale and unique deployment options to extend your infrastructure and business processes globally.” The solution offers huge servers at your disposal to give your systems the computing power necessary to handle your operations in ways dedicated servers may not be able to provide. Oracle combines business intelligence with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS to configure a cost-effective and secure system that will meet your computing and data needs.

An Oracle Cloud computing system implementation includes many benefits:

  • Specifically designed hardware and software systems help ensure uptime, reliability, and fast performance.
  • Oracle Cloud fully integrates into your system for security, cost-effectiveness, and solutions that meet your exact needs when and where you need them.
  • High customer service levels and a single platform allow you to manage your data and systems as you need.
  • Oracle Cloud security is layered with data encryption at every point and compliant with regulations as well as industry best-practices.

Successful campuses offer a fast, seamless IT experience, from enrollment to registration, allowing their students to focus on getting their degrees with little interruption. Migrating your campus to the Cloud is a smart investment that allows you to do just that for your students. It is a cost-effective, safe, and easy-to-manage solution that can keep your college or university competitive and help keep your students and staff satisfied with their time on campus.

Interested in learning more about how the Cloud could benefit your campus? Contact the Oracle Cloud experts at Arisant by calling us at 303-330-4065 or by filling out the form below. As an Oracle Preferred Partner, we will work with you to maximize your Oracle Cloud investment in a way that gives you and your students exactly what you’re looking for — without breaking the bank. By utilizing our cloud services, we help ensure your campus solution is fully integrated, scalable, and secure.

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