How to Make the Most of Your IT Budget this Year

Many CIOs, CTOs, and IT Directors dream of upgrading their organization’s legacy systems, with Cloud being the most obvious option. However, they are unsure if their IT budget will go the distance. Even worse is the fear that an upgrade would come with higher operating expenses or a steep learning curve for existing employees, both of which have the potential to eat into an already limited IT Budget and limit development for another year.

If you’re in this group of frustrated, disappointed IT advisors, you’ve spent days and probably a few sleepless nights pondering the best solution for your organization. Is that really how you want to spend your valuable time?

How The City of Fort Collins Made the Most of their IT Budget in 2019

As the city began its journey to becoming an internet provider, Fort Collins Utilities realized its existing customer information system (CIS) couldn’t support a broadband service or the necessary integrations. After a review of CIS options with the Arisant Team, Fort Collins chose a third party solution that runs on the Oracle database platform. Although the city already had an on-premises Oracle infrastructure, growth over time meant it had become a complex sprawl of servers, Oracle database appliances and software. It became clear this traditional model couldn’t deliver the availability, scalability, disaster recovery and flexibility the new CIS needed.

Working collaboratively, the Fort Collins IT team and consultants from Arisant and Oracle created two critical planning tools. The first was an in-depth technical assessment of the city’s current server and database environment. The second tool was a total cost of ownership (TCO) model to calculate and compare hardware and licensing expenses over a five-year period. In doing this, we were able to prove that the Cloud would not only give Fort Collins greater performance, security, and flexibility, but would also come in at a lower cost per year!

“At first, the Cloud seemed more expensive, but in comparison to the cost of hardware creep, especially for the annual hardware maintenance and license fees, the five year TCO for Cloud was much better.” – Anthony Sanchez, Fort Collins  IT Architect

It’s only been a few months since go-live and Fort Collins has already gained several qualitative benefits from its new Cloud infrastructure. First, they gained support for multi-tenant design. As part of the Cloud subscription, IT staff no longer have to deal with complex licensing, making it easy to predict annual budgets. Second, since the cloud subscription includes access to all database features, admins no longer waste time searching for a server with the right licenses. And third, an ability to easily scale server and storage capacity up or down in seconds creates efficiency and predictability that can’t be achieved with a traditional on-premises model. Click here to download The City of Fort Collins’ Cloud Migration case study.

How You Can Make the Most of Your Budget in 2020

Planning your migration to the Cloud shouldn’t keep you up at night… Arisant makes migrating to the Cloud simple, so you can rest easy knowing that your business won’t hit “mission critical” along the way. Our five-step process streamlines your path to the Cloud to save you time, money and headache. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Architecture & Road Mapping – We discuss the functional and technical requirements of your environments including your organization’s SLA requirements around performance, security, and DR to create the most accurate cloud architecture possible.

Step 2: TCO/ROI Calculations – We work to analyze the total cost of your business as usual solution in relation to the newly architected Cloud environment. Our TCO analysis has shown on average a 30% to 40% cost savings by migrating to the Cloud.

Step 3: Cloud Contracts Made Easy – As an MSP, we secure Cloud credits directly from Oracle, so you don’t have to spend time negotiating with pushy salesmen.

Step 4: Migration Services – Our highly skilled team will build, migrate and implement your custom solution, support user acceptance testing and oversee go-live and cutover.

Step 5: Managed Services – We maximize your investment by providing you with a cost-efficient and high-quality alternative to hiring expensive, full time resources.

It’s time to stop wasting time and resources trying to maintain legacy systems when the Cloud is within reach. Go to or give us a call at (303) 330-4065 to schedule a FREE, no obligation 30-minute Cloud consultation with one of our Senior Cloud Architects.

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